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Fun Friday So not everyone thinks squats are fun — but they CAN be. There are many variations to the basic squat (which is exactly what our bodies are designed to do every time we sit in a chair). Take your basic squat and add a leg lift — knee bend in the front, or side leg lift or even a back leg lift. FUN every time! Squats can be done off a step or a ledge. Try squatting anytime you drop something or need to pick something up. Our lives are busy already and find “Gym time” or workout time is tough a lot of the time — but if you think through your every day movements, you can put activity in your everyday without carving out specific time.

Another FUN squat challenge — next time you’re watching TV, pick a part of the show (or the commercial run) and SQUAT — see how many you get in the first commercial set and then try to beat that number in the next set. SUPER BOWL XLIX is in less than a month — in addition to the amazing snacks you’ll have, add a squat challenge. Do a squat for every interception or every fumble. Try squatting during the full half time show. Again — switch it up — try basic squats then add some challenge.

Partner squats are awesome — hold hands with a partner and extend one leg. Single leg squats are challenging because of balance and this helps — plus creates trust between the two partners.

The squat is either loved or hated and gets a bad rap for being rough on the knees — but I repeat this is the basic motion for sitting and standing. Your bodies were built for squatting. Lets make it fun!


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